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Albarka Africa Investments devote our efforts to the front end of any business creations, which is often referred to as the PROJECT development phase.  We work with business partners from scoping right through concession/conception to construction/commissioning.  In most cases, this phase includes assisting the projects to raise investment funds, in the form of debts and/or equities.  Albarka Africa investment opportunities are excellent targets for funds and investors.

In terms of business sectors, we would like to focus on mining, agriculture, manufacturing industries and city master plan.  However, we will not turn down a good project from a sector not mentioned above that is able to demonstrate excellent project preparation and high expected returns with excellent success probability.

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Albarka Africa Investments MD Dr. Stanley Ko with Senior Management from Sinopec Engineering Group

Albarka Africa launched Cannlux Pty Ltd.  a special agriculture/medicinal setup to propagate legal medicinal cannabis in South Africa.

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Dr. Stanley Ko invited to Togo Trade & Investment Function

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NIZU ASSETS, a subsidiary of Albarka Africa Investments, acquired real estate agency franchise, Urbanlink Sandton and Surroundings Pty. Ltd.  Urbanlink is a property, commercial and business brokers. 

Dr. Stanley KO  appointed as Senior Market Advisor for Sinoma-CBMI Construction (South Africa)

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The objective of project management is to bring a project from idea to completion and deployment.  The Project SEED (Scoping, Evaluating, Execution, Delivery) process enables risks to be reduced at each stage, while value of the project escalates.  Albarka Africa Investments will collaborate with our clients, who we will like to call partners, to manage the Project SEED process effectively and efficiently with utmost prudence and objectivity. 

Banks/investment funds/private equity firms will be looking at how the project is being progressed at each stage.  The quality of the process is critical to influence the value of the project, and therefore the funders' readiness to support it.