Embracing the philosophies of SouthSouth, North-South and Triangular Cooperation (see http://ssc.undp.org), Albarka Africa Investments is created as an African business developing champion targeting mining, heavy industries, energy, agriculture and real estate. 

With a solid project development plan, we support business owners or promoters to move a project from conception, scoping, feasibility validation, fund raising and to execution making projects excellent Albarka Africa investment opportunities for the funding community.  Albarka Africa Investments create values with our partners.

 Dr. Stanley Ko (许致铭)

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“Stanley Ko (许致铭)”


Stanley Ko


Execution (feasibility report, fund management, implementation, design/ construct/commission, production and deployment)


Sub-Saharan Africa is an attractive region fuelled by strong projected economic growth.  Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the region is widely expected to increase by 4-6% over next few years, driven by rising domestic markets and governments’ resolves to improve infrastructure and services short comings.  The population growth continues to be sustained at 2.6% while the global population growth is at 0.8%.  It is the world’s next frontier of growth outside China.  (Source: EIU/Deloitte).


Scoping (authorization, concept, identification, selection, business case, planning, scheduling.)




Create Values With Our Partners


“This (Africa) is not a perfect place. One thing that drives me crazy is people walking around trying to find heaven on earth … You have to take things into perspective and realise that you are not going to find a place that is perfect. Africa has a lot of countries with very interesting opportunities, and a lot of problems at the same time. Ethiopia is not immune from problems … Now stop focusing on the fact that there are still people out there that aren’t quite perfect, and let’s focus on the fact that this place does provide a very interesting conducive environment vis-à-vis its competitors.” – Gabriel Schulze, CEO, Schulze Global Investments

"Albarka" is "blessings" in Nigerian Hausa.  Albarka Africa Investments is phonetically  “百达投资” which expresses our aspiration for 100%  success in our projects, and thereby accentuates our company’s motto to create values with our Partners.

Our logo symbolizes our mission to promote Africa Investment opportunities. Gold is associated with love, illumination, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom.  Blue signifies trust, loyalty, wisdom, faith, confidence, intelligence, truth, and our gracious heaven.  The combination encapsulates our code of ethics when handling any projects and when interacting with any of our business partners.


Delivering and closing (project becomes operation, post-completion assessment)  


Evaluating and Preparing (technical and economical feasibility confirmation, development and quantification.)


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Albarka Africa Investments

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“Manufacture, don’t just trade. There’s money in manufacturing even though it is capital intensive.  When you import goods, you import poverty and you export jobs to other parts of the globe where such goods are produced.” – Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Executive Chairman/President Dangote Industries Ltd.